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ALD Automotive Ukraine 

ALD Automotive is the operational leasing and fleet management business line of the Société Générale Group.

ALD Automotive is one of the largest providers in Europe and a company of reference on its market at the international level. This top positioning proves the involvement in Specialised Financial Services of the Société Générale group.

ALD Automotive provides a full range of funding and fleet management products together with the knowledge to recommend the most appropriate solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a truly consultative approach to the market to ensure the most appropriate funding methods are adopted in each circumstance.

To provide a formal recommendation, therefore, we would undertake a detailed analysis of your fleet to be able to evaluate and make recommendations on the most cost effective methods of operating your fleet.

This may involve a combination of the above methods. The conclusions drawn would assist us, perhaps, in making different recommendations for different parts of the fleet.
Services: a priority in our business
The wide range of services offered by ALD Automotive, enables us to:
  • provide global and customised solutions to multinational groups, which are adapted to their leasing and/or car fleet management needs.
  • develop specific offers in each country adapted to a local clientele of small and medium sized companies and professionals.
Therefore, we operate in three main areas:
  • Consultancy
  • Technical services
  • E-business solutionsServices: a priority in our business  
Working for ALD Automotive
ALD Automotive employs 3,000 persons throughout 31 countries:

We assist our customers in reaching their goals. A trusted partner in the development of companies, we secure the confidence of new customers and recruiting new staff throughout the world. The success long-term growth policy relies on the Group’s fundamental values: professionalism, team spirit and innovation.

Professionalism is at the heart of our culture. Our customers believe in us and our professionalism. We strengthen this confidence day after day by expanding our expertise and exchanging experiences.
Team spirit, is our strength. We are receptive, keen to learn from the diverse viewpoints of all our colleagues. We are able to draw upon a vast diversity of talent and worldwide Group culture to give us a collective strength.

Innovation is our state of mind. Day after day, we seize opportunities brought by changes in our environment, we consistently anticipate our customer’s needs providing them new products and new services.